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Monowara Gani

Chief Executive - Doctors Worldwide

Monowara is the Chief Executive of Doctors Worldwide. Prior to joining Doctors Worldwide, Monowara held numerous senior executive roles leading not-for-profit organisations within the humanitarian sector including development education, campaigning and advocacy, and a consortium of large and medium iNGOs. She has produced a variety of award-winning resources and training courses on development and change, and has been working in the NGO sector for more than 17 years. Monowara has experience in leading and designing development projects and advocated long-term resilience responses in disaster management, localisation and healthcare with multilateral stakeholders and governments around the world.
Monowara is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach specialising in performance and personal development and organisational effectiveness, and she has designed and delivered coaching seminars and 1-2-1s to more than 10,000 adults to date. She has a degree in Microbiology from the University of Nottingham, UK.