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Jose Viera

Chief Executive - World Blind Union

Mr. Viera has more than 18 years of experience working nationally and internationally in the field of human rights and inclusive development. As a person with a disability, Mr. Viera has a personal commitment to improving the lives of persons with disabilities and advocating for their human rights.

Currently, Mr. Viera is the Chief Executive Officer for the World Blind Union. The World Blind Union, a global organization, has broad international membership with 300 organizations at the sub-national and regional levels and in over 196 countries. In addition, Mr. Viera is the Permanent Representative of the UN Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities as well as the former President of the Federation of the Blind of Argentina.

Mr. Viera has previously served as Human Rights Policy Advisor for the World Blind Union as well as an international consultant for several UN agencies and global entities in the field of inclusive development and disability rights.

Before joining WBU, Mr. Viera was director of the Latin American Regional Center for Disability Rights Promotion International, which is a global monitoring rights system were, he led different regional and global initiatives to promote the ratification and implementation of the UN CRPD and the agenda 2030.

In addition, Mr. Viera, has more than 10 years of experience as associate professor at the international studies department of Siglo 21 University in Argentina, lecturing on issues related to sustainable development, international cooperation etc.

Mr. Viera holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a master’s degree in Management of Development. Mr. Viera has contributed to various publications and research projects on disability and development with a special focus on the Global South. Moreover, Mr. Viera has supported many national and international organizations of persons with disabilities in their advocacy work.